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fellow-commoner (plural fellow-commoners)

  1. (Cambridge University) A student at Cambridge University who commons, or dines, at the Fellows' table.
    • 1886, Fuller, Rev. Morris Joseph, “College Days (Sydney-Sussex). 1629-1631”, in The Life, Times and Writings of Thomas Fuller, D.D.[1], volume 1, 2nd edition, London: S. Sonnenschein, Le Bas & Lowrey, pages 68–69:
      There are to this day fellow-commoners at Queens , and surely such a distinguished commoner as Fuller would have been allowed to remain on that foundation, in which he had spent seven years, in this new capacity. The expense would have been about the same, and the only way in which I can account for his migration is either pique at being passed over, or the friendship of so famed a theologian as Dr. Ward.