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fenochio (plural fenochi or fenochii)

  1. Obsolete spelling of finocchio [18th–19th centuries]
    • 1720, Stephen Switzer, A Compendious, but more Particular Method, than has ever yet been publish’d, for the Raising Italian Brocoli, Spanish Cardoon, Celeriac, Fenochi, and other foreign Kitchen Vegetables (1st edition, printed by S.A. and sold by T. Astley), main title
    • 1723 August 14th, Robert Digby, Letter to Alexander Pope, letter XIV (of XVIII) in “Letters to and from the Honourable Robert Digby, from 1717 to 1724” in The Works of Alexander Pope, volume VI (2nd edition, 1737), page 95
      How thrive your garden-plants? how look the trees? how ſpring the Brocoli and the Fenochio? hard names to ſpell! how did the poppies bloom? and how is the great room approved? what parties have you had of pleaſure? what in the grotto? what upon the Thames?
    • 1871, Augustus John Cuthbert Hare, Walks in Rome, volume 1 (2010 reprint), page 35
      January is generally cold for sitting out, and February wet; and before the end of March the vegetation is often so far advanced that the Alban Hills, which have retained glorious sapphire and amethyst tints all winter, change into commonplace green English downs; while the Campagna, from the crimson and gold of its dying thistles and fenochii, becomes a lovely green plain waving with flowers.