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fershur (not comparable)

  1. (US) Eye dialect spelling of for sure.
    • 1997 April 20, Helen Bryant, “The Dallas Morning News: Dallas opens its doors to Hollywood; and these friends deserve a standing ovation”, in Dallas Morning News:
      "They all say they like to fish, too," says Sandi. Well, this could revolutionize Park Cities social life, fershur.
    • 2010 February 14, “Sailing along”, in Minneapolis Star-Tribune:
      Dave Stare was born in Wisconsin; Kim's grandfather lived most of his life in Columbus, Wis. And now the family makes seriously tasty wines, fershur.
    • 2011, Julius Raper, Deepest France: Mysterious Days: Paired Novels, page 57:
      It's fershur a nuisance. But you better hold on to it, cause if we run into Joe in that cave, we're gonna need all the weapons we can lay our hands on.