financial doping

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Doping takes the form of money instead of drugs. Popularised by football manager Arsène Wenger, in relation to Chelsea winning the Premier League in 2005.


financial doping

  1. The situation in which the owner of a sports club or franchise invests his or her own personal wealth into securing highly talented players to better their chances of success, rather than relying on the revenue the franchise is able to generate for itself.
    • 2011 February 1, Jason Burt, “Arsene Wenger accuses Chelsea of hypocrisy after following Uefa fair play pledge with spending spree”, in The Daily Telegraph[1]:
      "Wenger, who famously coined the phrase "financial doping" to refer to Chelsea’s previous bout of spending, said the £50million purchase of Fernando Torres and the £25million signing of David Luiz were highly significant."
  2. The situation in which the owner of a sports club or franchise borrows heavily in order to contract and pay its personnel, thereby jeopardising its long-term financial future.
    • 2009 April 20, “MPs accuse Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool of 'financial doping'”, in The Guardian[2]:
      "Our report includes tough measures to improve the way the game is run and to combat 'financial doping' whereby short-term success can be bought at the expense of long-term financial stability."