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findom (uncountable)

  1. (Internet slang) financial domination: a form of erotic humiliation in which one person gives money and control of their finances to another
    • 2008, "Hardcore mistress", ****DOMINATRIX BUSTS YOUR BALLS WITH A ROCK**** 75162 (on newsgroup
      This includes public humiliation, findom, blackmail, hardcore cock and ball torture, bloodletting, cutting, edgeplay and so on.
    • 2011, "Chris", I will OWN you (newsgroup
      Your money is much better spent on a FinDom Phone Sex Goddess Taryn.
    • 2014, Helena Shaw, Maxed Out: A New Adult Billionaire Romance, page 17:
      “The kind of domination I'm looking for isn't spankings or boot licking,” Maxwell went on. “As my screen name indicated, the kind of control I'm looking for is something calling[sic] 'findom'. [] I get sexual gratification from having someone, a woman preferably, taking control of my finances and spending my money as she sees fit.

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