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finochio (plural finochi)

  1. Alternative spelling of finocchio
    • 1744, John Baptiſt Gelli [aut.] and an unknown translator, Circe (James Bettenham), pages 50–51
      If it ſeems ſo ſtrange to ye, I would not have you reſt ſatisfied with my bare word for it. Let us begin to examine at home, and you will find amongſt us ſerpents, that each of the kind, as ſoon as awaken’d by the ſpring, perceiving his ſkin ſtarky and rivelled, by lying the whole winter folded up in one poſition, makes directly to the finochio, and crams himſelf with it, till it makes him with eaſe caſt his old ſlough.
    • 1767, Thomas Mawe and John Abercrombie, Every Man His Own Gardener (19th ed., 1809), page 658
      Finochio, or French fennel; for soups, sallads, &c. when the bottom part is blanched, by earthing up.
    • 1796, Charles Marſhall, An Introduction to the Knowledge and Practice of Gardening (2nd ed., 1798, John Rider), page 256
      Finochio is a ſort of dwarf fennel, very aromatic; the thick ſtalks of which, earthed up, when nearly full grown, five or ſix inches to blanch, are uſed in ſoups and ſallads, or ſliced, and eat alone with oil, vinegar, &c.
    • 2008, Nancy Frey and Douglas Fisher, Teaching Visual Literacy, page 153
      What’s the matter with you? Is this how you turned out? A Hollywood finochio that cries like a woman?