first order of the day

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first order of the day (plural first orders of the day)

  1. (politics) An item of business that will be discussed before any other item on a particular day when a legislature is sitting.
    • 1699, Great Britain. Parliament. House of Lords, The Manuscripts of the House of Lords: Volume 4[1], page ix:
      ...from the Commons should be the first Order of the day.
  2. A goal or task that is of primary importance and will or should be pursued before any other goal.
    • 1921, Bricklayers, Masons, and Plasterers International Union of America, editor, The Bricklayer, mason and plasterer: Volumes 24-25[2], page 26:
      There are two things every union member should make the first order of the day the pay envelope comes around — supply his family and pay his union dues.