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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English fisshe kynde, fiscynn, equivalent to fish +‎ -kind.


fishkind (uncountable)

  1. All fishes, considered as a group.
    • 1919, Norman Hinsdale Pitman, Chinese Wonder Book:
      A single flirt of the tail, no more vigorous than those he had been used to giving with his legs, would send him whirling around and around in the water, for all the world like a living top; and when he wriggled his fins, ever so slightly, as he thought, he found himself sprawling on his back in a most ridiculous fashion for a dignified member of fishkind.
    • 2017, Dan Liberthson, A Poetry of Birds:
      A workaday bird, you take it all in stride and don't pretend to the osprey's glory, scourge of fishkind, or the eagle's, lofty ravager of lesser mammals, but without undue fuss you get the job done.