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flabagast (third-person singular simple present flabagasts, present participle flabagasting, simple past flabagasted, past participle flabagasted or flabagast)

  1. Archaic spelling of flabbergast.
    • 1834, Jack Downing [pseudonym; Seba Smith], chapter XXV, in The Life of Andrew Jackson, President of the United States, Philadelphia, Pa.: Published by T. K. Greenbank, OCLC 3392356, page 183:
      They flabagast good manners and good morals, and only show that one of the parties is vex'd and disappinted.[sic]
      The author was known to write in American vernacular for purposes of humor. As a result, the spelling in this work is idiosyncratic.
    • 1989, T’best Ekeagwu, The Taste of Ordinary Life: (The Legacy for Every Negro Youth), Nigeria: T’best Ekeagwu, OCLC 843403069, page 79:
      For I had talent: the promise and the drive to acquire advanced knowledge and skill to enundate or flabagast my superiors and excell in my profession.


flabagast (plural flabagasts)

  1. Archaic spelling of flabbergast.

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