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From Swedish flada.



  1. (geography) A brackish-water lagoon typical for some coastal regions of the Baltic Sea; formed from a sea bay in the process of post-glacial rebound.

Usage notes[edit]

  • The term "flad" is sometimes used as English translation for flada. The term is not found in English dictionaries, however, and before using it one should make sure that the audience understands the word.


Inflection of flada (Kotus type 9/kala, no gradation)
nominative flada fladat
genitive fladan fladojen
partitive fladaa fladoja
illative fladaan fladoihin
singular plural
nominative flada fladat
accusative nom. flada fladat
gen. fladan
genitive fladan fladojen
partitive fladaa fladoja
inessive fladassa fladoissa
elative fladasta fladoista
illative fladaan fladoihin
adessive fladalla fladoilla
ablative fladalta fladoilta
allative fladalle fladoille
essive fladana fladoina
translative fladaksi fladoiksi
instructive fladoin
abessive fladatta fladoitta
comitative fladoineen

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