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  1. (geography) A shallow body of fresh or slightly brackish water typical for some coastal regions of the Baltic Sea; a former sea bay which has been separated from the sea in the process of postglacial rebound. Typically a kluuvi has no catchment basin of any significance, and it gets new water only through direct precipitation or occasionally from the sea when the sea water level is high.

Usage notes[edit]

  • slough and bayou are somewhat similar to kluuvi, but not quite the same
  • The term "gloe" is sometimes used as English translation for kluuvi. The term is not found in English dictionaries, however, and before using it one should make sure that the audience understands the word.


Inflection of kluuvi (Kotus type 5/risti, no gradation)
nominative kluuvi kluuvit
genitive kluuvin kluuvien
partitive kluuvia kluuveja
illative kluuviin kluuveihin
singular plural
nominative kluuvi kluuvit
accusative nom. kluuvi kluuvit
gen. kluuvin
genitive kluuvin kluuvien
partitive kluuvia kluuveja
inessive kluuvissa kluuveissa
elative kluuvista kluuveista
illative kluuviin kluuveihin
adessive kluuvilla kluuveilla
ablative kluuvilta kluuveilta
allative kluuville kluuveille
essive kluuvina kluuveina
translative kluuviksi kluuveiksi
instructive kluuvein
abessive kluuvitta kluuveitta
comitative kluuveineen


See also[edit]

  • flada (intermediate step in formation of a "kluuvi")
  • marskimaa (salt marsh)