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flapping +‎ -ly


flappingly (comparative more flappingly, superlative most flappingly)

  1. With a flapping motion.
    • 1592, Robert Dallington (translator), Hypnerotomachia by Francesco Colonna, London: Simon Waterson, p. 15,[1]
      His rigged large ears like a Fox-hounde flappingly pendent, whose vast stature was little lesse, then a verye naturall Olyphant.
    • 1837, Theodore Hook, Jack Brag, London: Richard Bentley, Volume 1, Chapter 9, p. 287,[2]
      When he talked, he pawed the air with his hands flappingly, something after the fashion of a kangaroo []
    • 1933, Ben Ames Williams, Pascal’s Mill, New York: Dutton, Chapter 5, p. 75,[3]
      His blue overalls, faded from many washings, fitted him flappingly.
    • 1969, Kurt Vonnegut, Slaughterhouse-Five, New York: Dial, 2005, Chapter 3, p. 80,[4]
      There was a crippled man down there [] . Convulsions made the man dance flappingly all the time, made him change his expressions, too, as though he were trying to imitate various famous movie stars.