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flip a bitch (third-person singular simple present flips a bitch, present participle flipping a bitch, simple past and past participle flipped a bitch)

  1. (US, slang, vulgar) To make a rapid and illegal U-turn.
    That's a cop up there! Flip a bitch and see if we can lose 'em.
    • 2010, J. L. Bourne, Day By Day Armageddon, Simon and Schuster, →ISBN:
      I shut the door and concentrated on the checklist so that I could turn the aircrafts[sic] electrical system on and check the gauges for fuel or anything out of the ordinary. Every few seconds I felt the aircraft tug, as John towed the aircraft and I to the pumps. After checking the gauges, I was happy to find that both wing tanks were full, so I opened up the door, jumped out and ran ahead to tell John to flip a bitch and pull the bird back to the tower. At the tower I used the aircraft checklist to do a walk around inspection.
    • 2013, S.C. Stephens, Reckless, Simon and Schuster, →ISBN:
      “Can you flip a bitch and swing by the airport to pick me up?” It took me a minute to register what she was saying. “You're in Georgia?” Twisting around from the front seat, Griffin echoed my question.