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fliver (plural flivers)

  1. Alternative spelling of flivver
    • 1943, Ivar Lund, The end of Lucifer's tail, page 348:
      He had seated himself in the farmer's old fliver, [and] ridden for some miles.
    • 2002, Hartwick New York -- Heart of Otsego County, page 244:
      A natural born mechanic and tinkerer, he kept many an old fliver on the road.
    • 2002, William V. Reynolds, Call of the Pines, page 256:
      "Come on old fliver. Don't let us down now," he coaxed. But the faithful machine had gone as far as it could. The fuel mix had burned #until the last minute. Now the moisture in the tank was too much for the firing system.
    • 2008, Isaac Hallenberg, Rustbelt Fables, page 106:
      But with my new job I was able to buy an old fliver down at Able Andy's car lot.
    • 2008, Eds James Lee Hutchinson, Bombs Away: WWII Eighth Air Force Stories, page 270:
      [...] the twenty-one inch wheels handled the poor roads and the dependable old "fliver" had enough steel in it to build two of today's cars.