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floral +‎ -ly


florally (comparative more florally, superlative most florally)

  1. In a floral way; with flowers or something that suggests them.
    • 1909, Society of American Florists and Ornamental Horticulturists, Proceedings of the Annual Convention (volumes 25-27, page 49)
      We have not much to export, florally speaking, and the only advantage they can look for are increased sales that Canada will share in and profit by.
    • 2015, John Allan, Nathaniel Warren Alcock, David Dawson, West Country Households, 1500-1700 (page 181)
      Brook Manor, Buckfastleigh, with its florally decorated chamber fireplaces, probably of 1656, is a substantial country house on three floors which also has some outstanding woodwork.