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  1. present participle of flounce


flouncing (plural flouncings)

  1. A flounce (strip of decorative material).
    • 1816, La Belle Assemblée: or, Bell's Court and Fashionable Magazine, page 4:
      A very rich lama and net dress, elegantly embroidered and bordered with rich lama flouncings, trimmed with blond lace, over a rich white satin slip []
    • 1855, “Mantillas and Shawls”, in Graham's American Monthly Magazine of Literature, Art, and Fashion, volume XLVI, number 4, Philadelphia, Pa.: Abraham H. See, 106 Chestnut Street, OCLC 145146808, page 578:
      Mantillas are larger than last year, and are generally all worn with a deep flouncing, either of the same material, or of black lace; the mantilla itself is also much trimmed with small ruchings of ribbon, guip and guipure lace, laid on quite flat.