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fluffle (plural fluffles)

  1. (informal) A group of rabbits.
    • 2017, D. Wallace Peach, Kari's Reckoning:
      Overhead, the late-day sky wore a ruby blush and puffy clouds scurried east like a fluffle of pink rabbits.
    • 2021, Scott R. Burson, All about the Bass:
      the camera follows Tate leaping into the arms of Steve McQueen, then floating through a fluffle of bunnies before joining a gyrating throng of revelers on the grotto pool deck



fluffle (third-person singular simple present fluffles, present participle fluffling, simple past and past participle fluffled)

  1. (transitive, informal) To fluff up.
    • 2013, Tony Beck, The Quest of Millie Blackbeard, page 69:
      Graham fluffled his fur and gave Baggly a weak smile.


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