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foller (third-person singular simple present follers, present participle follering, simple past and past participle follered)

  1. Pronunciation spelling of follow.
    • 1909, W.W. Jacobs, Peter's Pence[1]:
      They got on a bus, and as Sam was about to foller Ginger and Peter on top, Mr. Goodman took hold of 'im by the arm and said they'd go inside.
    • 1913, Horace Annesley Vachell, Bunch Grass[2]:
      The widder, pore soul, suspicioning trouble, follered Jake, and found him with a bullet plumb through his heart.
    • 1924, Max Brand, The Rangeland Avenger[3]:
      The minute he was out of sight I follered him, but when it come into view, him and Gaspar was high-tailing through the hills.