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food tree (plural food trees)

  1. (botany) A tree cultivated or managed for edible products (such as leaves, seeds) that are used for human consumption (term either including or used in opposition to "fruit tree")
    • 2000 Kenneth F. Kiple and Kriemhild Coneè Ornelas, eds., "V.E.3/The Pacific Islands, Tree Crops," The Cambridge World History of Food, Cambridge University Press. p. 1355
      Only the main food tree crops - coconut, sago, breadfruit, pandanus, and banana - are discussed here; ...
    • 2013 Kyle H. Clark and Kimberly A. Nicholas, "Introducing urban food forestry: a multifunctional approach to increase food security and provide ecosystem services," Landscape Ecology, July 2013.
      We examine the potential role of perennial woody food-producing species ("food trees") in cities in the context of urban sustainable development...
    • 2015 Bhaskar Vira, Christoph Wildburger, and Stephanie Mansourian, Forests and Food: Addressing Hunger and Nutrition Across Sustainable Landscapes, Open Book Publishers. pp. 54, 260.
      Research should support food tree domestication options appropriate for meeting smallholders' needs
  2. (botany) A tree whose products are consumed by animals or wildlife.
    • 1992 John E. Phillips, The Science of Deer Hunting, Larsen's Outdoor Publishing, 1992 p. 104
      Because several trails from various directions lead into that food tree, you may not be certain where to place your treestand.
  3. An apparatus in or on which food for animals or wildlife is arranged.


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