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food +‎ -gasm


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foodgasm (plural foodgasms)

  1. (slang) A pleasurable sensation from eating food.
    • 2004, "Little Monster", Foodgasm (on newsgroup
      Yesterday I had a foodgasm. I bought some sun-dried tomatoes from the olive seller in Leicester market. Got home, popped one in my mouth... chewed...
    • 2005, Naomi Neale, The Mile-High Hair Club:
      "Oh my God, I'm having foodgasms here." Sidney chomped into her pita.
    • 2006, Elisabeth Wilson, Goddess: be the woman you want to be, page 350:
      Naturally, the smart move would be to serve up a cordon bleu foodgasm but (a) you haven't got the ability and (b) you can't be arsed.