foot job

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by analogy with hand job


foot job ‎(plural foot jobs)

  1. A sexual act where the genitalia are stimulated by someone's feet.
    • 1999, Richard Price, The Wanderers, Houghton Mifflin Books, ISBN: 0395977746, p. 101,
      A long list of girls' names was followed by initials ranging from "D.H.T.I.C." which stood for "Dry Humped Till I Came," to "H.J. — "Handjob," "A.O." — "Ate Out," "B.J." — "Blowjob," and "F.J." — "Foot Job."
    • 2004, M. Christian, Greg Wharton, Love Under Foot: An Erotic Celebration of Feet, Haworth Press, ISBN: 1560234504, p. 44,
      His bare foot grazed my crotch...he rocked his foot some more...a foot job.
    • 2004, Valerie F. de Daulles, Foot Art Is Good Art, iUniverse, ISBN: 0595307523, p. 24,
      The man moved in close to her and spoke directly into her ear, "I'll give you 50 for a foot job up in the bleachers."
    • 2005, S.F. Powell, Like Sweet Buttermilk, Trafford Publishing, ISBN: 1412049199, p. 206,
      Rick continued small talk about motorcycles with Louise. Louise appeared thoroughly engrossed in Rick's discussion of the new Harley Davidson series, while Viv gave her husband a tender foot job under the table. Rick's lids dropped slowly once as he spoke, indicating his pleasure to Viv, but Louise either didn't notice or paid it no mind.