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From fore- +‎ learn.


forelearn (third-person singular simple present forelearns, present participle forelearning, simple past and past participle forelearnt or forelearned)

  1. (transitive) To learn beforehand or in advance.
    • 1830, The Transactions of the Royal Irish Academy - Page 278:
      Broder too, one of the Danish warriors at that battle, is represented as having consulted augury to forelearn the fate of the day.
    • 2005, Vergil, Eclogues and Georgics - Page 36:
      But ere our metal cleave An unknown surface, heed we to forelearn The winds and varying temper of the sky, The lineal tilth and habits of the spot, What every region yields, and what denies. Here blithelier springs the corn, and here the grape, ...
    • 2014, Christopher Marlowe, ‎Mathew R. Martin, Tamburlaine the Great: Part One and Part Two - Page 303:
      [] he entered into this agony and alteration of spirit, and that by this visitation, he forelearned what was the almighty will and pleasure of God, whose express charge he followed. By these subtle illusions and protestations, he not only seduced []