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  1. simple past and past participle of forelock


forelocked (not comparable)

  1. Having a forelock (lock of hair covering the forehead).
    • 1827, Alfred Tennyson, “Time: An Ode”, in Poems by Two Brothers, London: Macmillan, published 1893, page 114:
      I see the chariot, where, / Throughout the purple air, / The forelock'd monarch rides: / Arm'd like some antique vehicle for war, / Time, Hoary Time! I see thy scythed car, / In voiceless majesty,
    • 1963, Allen Ginsberg, “American Change”, in Reality Sandwiches, San Francisco: City Lights, page 68:
      I have a $5 bill in my pocket — it's Lincoln's sour black head moled wrinkled, forelocked too, big eared, flags of announcements flying over the bill []
    • 2016, "Sardinia — A Paradise That Waits to be Explored," 2 May, 2016, [1]
      The rare inhabitants of the island include the seemingly gravity-defying mouflon (a type of mountain sheep) and the shaggy-looking forelocked albino donkeys whose origins are mysterious.