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From fore- +‎ take. Also as a back-formation from foretaken.


foretake (third-person singular simple present foretakes, present participle foretaking, simple past foretook, past participle foretaken)

  1. (transitive) To take, receive, or adopt beforehand; assume.
    • 1855, John Claudius Pitrat, Paul and Julia:
      You shall bring and lay in our hands tne product of your activity: we will divide it into two parts — the one shall be ours; it shall be sacred; you shall call it tithe; we will foretake it [...]
    • 2006, Robert L. Sanders, An Appeal to Reveal Poetic Ideal:
      Enraptures a man to foretake his pleasure, And capture a woman to partake her treasure.
    • 2010, Raymond A. Francis, True Experiences: The Sins That Brought Me to My Knees:
      Upon entering, she showed me to the bedroom. I got undressed and laid on the bed, thinking of the course of action I had to foretake as I lay there.
  2. (transitive) To take or choose before another (option); prefer.
    • 2011, Jacqueline Prost, Journey Through Experiences:
      To be healthy and acknowledged I strive to be my very best / I am grateful and thankful For the blessings I do have / I foretake to dream the biggest dream yet [...]