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Alternative forms[edit]


From fore- +‎ trained.


foretrained (not comparable)

  1. Trained beforehand or in advance
    • 1947, UAW Ammunition - Volumes 5-6:
      They will be forewarned and foretrained.
    • 1957, Cyril Ray, The Compleat Imbiber: An Entertainment - Page 181:
      Young women can make even more irretrievable fools of themselves than young men, if they are not forewarned and foretrained.
    • 2003, Norman Franklin Childers, The Strawberry: A Book for Growers, Others - Page 129:
      Being foretrained, they immediately hunt and run off the offender.
    • 2012, B.J. Irani (Gujarati Writer), S.M. Desai (Gujarati Writer), Dr. Anurag Gumashta (English Translator), The Sadguru of Sakori - Upasani Maharaj - Page 88:
      That mendicant agreed to do as guided by Maharaj and hence the next day Maharaj accompanied by that fore-trained mendicant started for the old lady's house.