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From fore- +‎ way.


foreway (plural foreways)

  1. (dialectal, Northern England) A highroad.
  2. (Britain dialectal) An advantage; foredeal.
    • 1852, William Carleton, Traits and stories of the Irish peasantry:
      I got a whisper of this; so by my song, I was determined to cut them all out in that, as well as I did in getting herself; but you know, I couldn't be angry, even if they had got the foreway of me in it, bekase it's an ould custom.
    • 1902, Pearson's magazine: Volume 13:
      Provided that old Gilligan had not more horse sense than yourself and got the foreway of you," says I, [...]
  3. (of a vehicle) The part of a cart or vehicle intended to ensure that the end-thrust is taken against the shoulder collar rather than the linch-pin.