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Old English[edit]

Alternative forms[edit]


From Proto-West Germanic *fragetan, equivalent to for- +‎ ġietan.



forġietan (West Saxon)

  1. (with genitive or accusative) to forget
    • c. 900, The Consolation of Philosophy
      Þū hæfst þāra wǣpna tō hraðe forġieten þe iċ þē ǣr sealde.
      You have too quickly forgotten the weapons that I gave you.
    • late 10th century, Lambeth Psalter, Psalm 102:4
      forġeat tō etenne mīnne hlāf.
      I forgot to eat my bread.
    • c. 990, Wessex Gospels, Matthew 16:5
      Þā his leorningcneohtas cōmon ofer þone mūðan, hīe forġēaton þæt hīe hlāfas nāmen.
      When the disciples reached the other side of the river, they had forgotten to bring any bread.