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From Middle English *forthsenden, from Old English forþsendan ‎(to send forth), equivalent to forth- +‎ send. Cognate with Dutch voortzenden ‎(to send forth), German fortsenden ‎(to send forth, dispatch).


forthsend ‎(third-person singular simple present forthsends, present participle forthsending, simple past and past participle forthsent)

  1. (transitive) To send forth; dispatch; send off.
    • 1885, Robert Burleigh Campbell (mrs.), Palm leaves from Ceylon, and other poems:
      Forthsend my thoughts, to Venice on the sea; And dream of gondolas, and palace-pile, And shadowy figures sitting near to me; [...]
    • 1904, The Book monthly:
      Many thanks now in foresight for the care wherewith you have to forthsend me this post parcell, that I am waiting for with hurry (I have me pickled the ear ass on this word : avec impatience ! ). Forgive me.