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  1. (nonstandard) forty-first
    • (see table 9.1 with row numbers four, ten, and sixteen terminating respectively at the eleventh, twenty-ninth and forty-oneth place) —A. R. Rajwade, 2001. Convex polyhedra with regularity conditions and Hilbert's third problem‎, p. 72.
    • The begár ka Chamár receives a fortieth or forty-oneth part of the grain ; and for this he provides a man to work in the fields whenever special work is in hand, —Denzil Ibbetson, 1883. Report on the Revision of Settlement of the Panipat Tahsil & Karnal Parganah of the Karnal District, Chap. VII, Para. 284.
    • Provided that in estates in which before the passing of this Act engagements have been taken from the landholder for the payment of the land revenue and settlement cesses in one consolidated sum, ... one-forty-oneth part of such sum shall be deducted on account of such cesses —"Local Rates (Oudh)", Act no. V. 1894, Part II, The Consolidated Local Rate, 3, p. 103. Legislative Acts of Lieutenant Governor, 1887–1901, with amendments. United Provinces of Agra and Oudh (India)