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From Old Norse fōgeti, cognate with German Vogt, from Latin vocatus, from vocare (to call). Doublet of Vogt.


foud (plural fouds)

  1. (Britain, Shetland and Orkney) A bailiff or magistrate.
    • 1983, Paul Thompson, Tony Wailey and Trevor Lummis, History Workshop Series: Living the Fishing, Routledge & Kegan Paul
      From the twelfth century Shetland had been administered directly by the Norwegian crown through the 'foud', rather than forming part of the patrimony of a great aristocratic estate. The foud appointed 'underfouds' and the Shetlands evolved their own elected officers, a 'lawman' and parish 'lawrightmen', who adjudicated and negotiated the collection of customary taxes and fines on behalf of the local population.

Derived terms[edit]