frame fuck

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frame fuck (third-person singular simple present frame fucks, present participle frame fucking, simple past and past participle frame fucked)

  1. (film, animation, vulgar, slang) To make minute adjustments in editing, to nitpick.
    The rig was so janky that I wound up frame fucking the entire shot.
    • 2003 November 18, EllisBB, “Re: Harvey Birdman Attorney at law - what happened?”, in rec.arts.animation[1] (Usenet), retrieved April 3, 2020, message-ID <>:
      According to Cartoon Network Atlanta circa spring of last year, the main reason would be that they would send an episode package overseas, and have it come back with no regards toward comic timing, and hence they'd have to take the finished product in post and do what they described as "frame fucking" in order to get the proper timing they wanted.
    • 2010 January 28, Mickey Rapkin, “What Does a Film Editor Actually, You Know, DO?”, in GQ[2]:
      You can sit there for hours removing frames or putting frames back in. It’s frame fucking.