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Blend of free +‎ recycle, popularized by The Freecycle Network and the general freecycling movement.


freecycle (third-person singular simple present freecycles, present participle freecycling, simple past and past participle freecycled)

  1. To recycle by giving away an item for free.
    I freecycled most of the junk cluttering my house.


freecycle (plural freecycles)

  1. A group (especially an online messaging group) that engages in freecycling.
    What freecycle did you join?

Usage notes[edit]

The Freecycle Network claimed Freecycle as a trademark to be used only as a brand name to identify the company’s products and services. However, a 9th Circuit ruling in 2007 affirmed that freecycle may be used as a word. A second 9th Circuit ruling in 2010 reaffirmed that TFN engaged in naked licensing and consequently abandoned its trademark.