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Alternative forms[edit]


freehanded +‎ -ness


freehandedness (uncountable)

  1. The quality or state of being freehanded.
    • 1928, Hall Caine, The Selected Works of Sir Hall Caine, →ISBN:
      Money of his own he had none, and his purse was always empty by reason of his free-handedness.
    • 2010, David S. Margoliouth, Mohammed and the Rise of Islam, →ISBN, page 101:
      Later in life he won celebrity by his freehandedness with money.
    • 1905, Alfred Thayer Mahan, The Problem of Asia: Its Effect Upon International Politics, →ISBN, page 140:
      Such divergence is not alway necessarily a cause for alarm, but it is for watchfulness; ant it must be taken into account, as an element influential upon our own policy, not perhaps in general conceeption or as towards China, but in the matter of deciding upon the preparation we need, and the freehandedness to be maintained in external relations of lesser importance.
    • 1999, Albert Good & Randall J. Biallas, Park and Recreation Structures, →ISBN, page 24:
      There is an agreeable freehandedness in the lines of the Pennsylvania table of unusual design at upper right.