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free +‎ phone, perhaps after the Freefone (0800 number) service introduced in 1985 in the UK.


freephone (uncountable)

  1. (chiefly Britain) A service offering telephone calls free of charge to designated numbers.
    • 1997, Peter Murley, Gower handbook of customer service‎
      If they are not marketed properly they can easily be viewed as a poor man's freephone. Therefore, if such a service is to succeed, it needs to be promoted...
    • 2000, Owen Hargie, Dennis Tourish, Handbook of communication audits for organisations‎
      One reason for the increase in public contact with companies has been the introduction of freephone, or toll-free, services.
    • 2001, Dave Patten, Successful marketing for the small business‎
      Adding a freephone telephone number does increase response...


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