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BNSF freight train between Kennewick and Wishram, Washington State, USA.


freight train (plural freight trains)

  1. A train used for the transportation of freight.
  2. (by extension) A large, unstoppable force; a juggernaut.
    • 2010, Richard D. Jensen, The Nicest Fella: The Life of Ben Johnson. the World Champion Rodeo Cowboy Who Became an Oscar-winning Movie Star, iUniverse, →ISBN:
      Williams was known as an unstoppable freight train of a guy, a man who was unfazed by pain and unafraid of getting hurt.
    • 2010, Carolanne Allen, Living in the Light ... A Message of Love and Healing,, →ISBN, page 367:
      My estimable love and gratitude go out to my family for their continued support and patience in standing by me over the past months while I literally withdrew from life to 'grab a tail feather' and fly with this runaway freight-train of a project.
    • 2012, Robert Graves, Seven Days in New Crete, Penguin UK, →ISBN:
      BenYeshu's theory was that 'these experiments will supply the necessary data as to when and why the freight train of civilization leapt the rails'.


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