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friendly +‎ -ness


  • IPA(key): /ˈfɹɛndlinəs/
  • Hyphenation: friend‧li‧ness


friendliness (usually uncountable, plural friendlinesses)

  1. The quality of being friendly.
    Synonyms: affability, amicability, bonhomie, geniality, pleasantness
    Antonyms: hostility, unfriendliness
    • 1878, Robert Louis Stevenson, “Down the Oise: To Moy”, in An Inland Voyage, London: C[harles] Kegan Paul & Co., [], →OCLC, page 141:
      Finding us easy in our ways, he [] told me a cock-and-bull story with the moral of another five francs for the narrator. The thing was palpably absurd; but I paid up, and at once dropped all friendliness of manner, and kept him in his place as an inferior with freezing British dignity. He saw in a moment that he had gone too far, and killed a willing horse; his face fell; I am sure he would have refunded if he could only have thought of a decent pretext.

Coordinate terms[edit]