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From fronto- +‎ striatal.


frontostriatal (not comparable)

  1. (anatomy) Of or pertaining to the striatal structures of the frontal lobe.
    • 2006, Yuko Munakata, Mark H. Johnson (editors), Processes of Change in Brain and Cognitive Development: Attention and Performance XXI, page 523,
      Collectively, these results indicate that maturation of frontostriatal connectivity and function contributes to a developing capacity for cognitive control (i.e. adjusting behavior when predictions about the occurrence of events are violated).
    • 2006, Felicia Gould, Procedural Memory Functioning in HIV+ Midlife Women, PhD Thesis, page 4,
      HD[Huntingdon's disease] and PD[Parkinson's disease] patients have also demonstrated procedural memory deficits attributable to frontostriatal dysfunction, although this cognitive domain has not received the same degree of study among HIV+ individuals.
    • 2008, Bruce F. Pennington, Diagnosing Learning Disorders: A Neuropsychological Framework, 2nd Edition, page 158,
      In what follows, we review evidence that supports frontostriatal dysfunction in ADHD.

Derived terms[edit]