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froward +‎ -ly


frowardly (comparative more frowardly, superlative most frowardly)

  1. in a froward manner
    • 1850, The Reformed Presbytery, Act, Declaration, & Testimony for the Whole of our Covenanted Reformation, as Attained to, and Established in Britain and Ireland; Particularly Betwixt the Years 1638 and 1649, Inclusive[1]:
      They refuse still to return, Ephraim-like, going on frowardly in the way of their own heart.
    • 1818, Lucy Aikin, Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth[2]:
      The queen of England, however, frowardly bent on opposing the match to the utmost, directed sir Nicholas Throgmorton, her ambassador, to set before the eyes of Mary a long array of objections and impediments; and he was further authorized secretly to promise support to such of the Scottish nobles as would undertake to oppose it.
    • 1664, Samuel Pepys, Diary of Samuel Pepys, October/November 1664[3]:
      Up, and with Sir W. Batten to the Committee of Lords at the Council Chamber, where Sir G. Carteret told us what he had said to the King, and how the King inclines to our request of making us Commissioners of the Prize office, but meeting him anon in the gallery, he tells me that my Lord Barkely is angry we should not acquaint him with it, so I found out my Lord and pacified him, but I know not whether he was so in earnest or no, for he looked very frowardly.