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Alternative forms[edit]


Pronunciation spelling of forget about it.


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  1. (slang) Do not worry about it; it does not matter; it is beyond your control.
    • 2002, Bonnie Goebert, Herma M. Rosenthal, Beyond Listening: Learning the Secret Language of Focus Groups, p. 4:
      Of course, someone might have concluded "fuggedaboudit," the cake mix won't sell.
  2. (slang, New York City) There is no hope of it being so, the idea is preposterous; do not waste my time with such notions
    • 2003, Al Roker, Marialisa Calta, Mark Thomas, Al Roker's Hassle-Free Holiday Cookbook, p. 238:
      And Sunday . . . fuggedaboudit. You may as well have gone to school on Sunday.
    • 2005, June Fletcher, House poor: pumped-up prices, rising rates, and mortgages on steroids, page 15:
      And as for buying in pricey Manhattan itself — well, unless you're Donald Trump himself, fuggedaboudit.
    • 2007, Addie Johnson, The Little Book of Big Excuses: More Strategies and Techniques for Faking It, page 69:
      Men don't want to seem chauvinistic, women don't want to be dependent, and if you're gay, fuggedaboudit.


  • (There is no hope of it being so) Don't even think it; you gotta be kidding; fat chance