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Highway sign with "Leaving Brooklyn" on a blue background, then on a green background a big "Fuhgeddaboudit", followed by "Mary Markowitz" "Borough President" and "Michael R. Bloomberg" "Mayor" in two columns with two lines each.
Sign in Brooklyn reading Fuhgeddaboudit

Alternative forms[edit]


The phrase is associated with the inhabitants of New York City and the part of the state of New Jersey outside of it.




  1. Pronunciation spelling of forget about it, representing New York City and New Jersey English.
    • 1993 December 3, “CON MAN AND MUGGER CLAIM A LEGAL WINDFALL”, in News Tribune:
      As they say in New York, fuhgedaboudit. And speaking of successful muggers, perennial presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche also had reason to smile
    • 2015 February 2, “Fuhgeddaboudit: New York Accent On Its Way Out, Linguists Say”, in NPR[1]:
      (see title)