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Alternative forms[edit]


From fulfil +‎ -ness.



fulfillness (usually uncountable, plural fulfillnesses)

  1. The state of being fulfilled or complete; completeness; that which fills all things; fulfillment
    • 1996, Steven M. Friedson, Dancing Prophets: Musical Experience in Tumbuka Healing:
      Through music, with its resultant trance, Tumbuka have the possibility of experiencing the present — and thus each other — in complete "fulfillness."
    • 1997, P. V. R. Rayudu, How to Read a Horoscope:
      You will realise your ambitions and fulfilness of deeds.
    • 2008, Maiya Gray-Cobb, ‎Geof Gray-Cobb, Angels: The Guardians of Your Destiny:
      What is destroyed will be replaced by creative light, fulfillness and progressive development.
    • 2008, Frank O. Braynard, S. S. Savannah, the Elegant Steam Ship:
      I am rather an enthusiast on the subject of rewarding genius, especially when its fulfillnesses are connected with patriotic objects: [...]
    • 2009, Edna McGinty Pyron Knight, A Test of Faith:
      Let us allow Him to work in and through us to reveal the way to fulfillness.
    • 2010, Vassil Sgurev, ‎Mincho Hadjiski, Intelligent Systems: From Theory to Practice:
      In order to create a stable fuzzy ontology certain checks for accuracy and fulfillness must be done.