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So called because loaded dice were supposed to have been chiefly made at Fulham, originally in Middlesex, England.


fulham (plural fulhams)

  1. (archaic, Britain, slang) Alternative form of fullam (loaded die)
    • 1822, Scott, Sir Walter, The Fortunes of Nigel:
      “Cards may be more agreeable,” said Captain Colepepper; “and, for knowing your company, here is honest old Pillory will tell you Jack Colepepper plays as truly on the square as e’er a man that trowled a die–Men talk of high and low dice, Fulhams and bristles, topping, knapping, slurring, stabbing, and a hundred ways of rooking besides; but broil me like a rasher of bacon, if I could ever learn the trick on ‘em!”
  2. (archaic, Britain, colloquial, by extension) Alternative form of fullam (sham)
    • c. 1660–1680, Butler, Samuel, Hudibras, part II, canto 1:
      As one cut out to pass your tricks on, / With fulhams of poetic fiction