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Alternative forms[edit]


From Middle English fulbringen, fulbrengen, equivalent to full- +‎ bring. Cognate with Dutch volbrengen (to accomplish), German vollbringen (to accomplish, complete).


fullbring (third-person singular simple present fullbrings, present participle fullbringing, simple past and past participle fullbrought)

  1. (transitive) To accomplish; bring about completely; complete; finish; achieve.
    • 1859, Cairns Collection of American Women Writers, Philip Gengembre Hubert, The Atlantic monthly: Volume 4:
      What the goose but thought, that the swan fullbrought; [...]
    • 1960, Janus:
      [...] meaning 'to complete, to bring to a close, to execute (the preparation of ointments), to finish (metalwork), to fullbring'. Hence the title of the Book of Wisdom means, that it gives the necessary advice to complete and fulfill what [...]
    • 1965, Canadian Saturday night: a magazine of business & national affairs: Volume 80:
      Hier in der citativo is it fullbrought.
    • 2009, charin tipwichai, What should we teach students to PR?:
      When you change or reinforce the idea that quandod photographs, convince and move the desired action for those whose behavior affects the majority of Danish organizations, public relations mission is fullbrought.
    • 2011, Lee T, Ultimate Spoiler Attack:
      I never bothered remembering the types of them and that goes for their other magic spells. It gets quite complicated. Also, the verb of fullbring is fullbrought, according to how Manga Stream translated it.