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From fusion +‎ -eer.


fusioneer (plural fusioneers)

  1. (music) A performer or composer of fusion music
    • 1989, “Gipsy Kings Stay True to Musical Roots”, in Atlanta Journal-Constitution[1]:
      They like Sting as much as flamenco, and though the famous Gypsy jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt is a strong influence, so is fusioneer Al DiMeola []
  2. An adherent of controlled nuclear fusion as a useable source of energy.
    • 2014, Raffi Katchadourian, ‘A star in a bottle’, The New Yorker:
      It is virtually an article of faith among some fusioneers that creating miniature stars on Earth is a non-optional part of humanity’s future—a view that mirrors arguments put forth by a growing number of environmentalists who once decried nuclear power.