fuzzy navel

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There are several theories about when and where the drink was invented, but it gets its name from the fuzz of the peach and the navel orange used to make it.


fuzzy navel (countable and uncountable, plural fuzzy navels)

  1. A cocktail (mixed drink), usually made with peach schnapps and orange juice, though sometimes made with lemonade instead.
    She ordered two fuzzy navels.
  2. (in compounds) A drink or food (of a specified type) which imitates this cocktail by featuring peach and orange as central flavours (with or without alcohol).
    fuzzy navel milkshake, fuzzy navel cake, fuzzy navel pie
    • 1992, Marilyn Heimberg Ross, ‎Tom Ross, Country bound! →ISBN, page 81:
      And you can find menus with imagination: like "Jan's Restaurant's" chuck wagon soup and fuzzy navel pie ... a combination of peaches and orange juice.