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Alternative forms[edit]


From medieval Scots gaberlunȝie. Gaelic gabair talker + lunndair idler.


gaberlunzie (plural gaberlunzies)

  1. (Scotland, historical) A licenced beggar.
    • 1824, Scott, Sir Walter, Redgauntlet[1], Letter XI:
      Better say naething about the laird, my man, and tell me instead, what sort of a chap ye are that are sae ready to cleik in with an auld gaberlunzie fiddler?
    • 1843, Ballantine, James, The Gaberlunzie's Wallet, page 68:
      Blythe be the auld Gaberlunzie man
       Wi' his wallet o' wit, he fills a' the lan';
       Wi' his blinks o' fun, and his blauds o' lear,
       O' a'thing that's gude he has walth to spare;
    • c. 1894, Hewat, Kirkwood, A Little Scottish World: As Revealed in the Annals of an Ancient Ayrshire Parish, Kilmarnock: D. Brown, page 110:
      It is true mendicancy was limited by Act of Parliament, Kirk-Sessions also restricting it and giving badges to the gaberlunzies within their bounds; but it must have been very difficult to keep them within parochial limits.
  2. (Scotland, historical) A pouch carried by a strolling beggar.