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From γαλακτοφάγος (galaktophágos, milk-fed).


galactophagous (not comparable)

  1. (rare) Consuming milk.
    • 1913, John Bagnell Bury, editor, The Cambridge Medieval History[1], page 432:
      The oldest explicit information concerning a Nomado-Slavic State on the lower Danube is to be found in Pseudo-Caesarius of the Nazianzus of the sixth – probably even the fourth – century A.D., viz. that of the galactophagous Phisonitae or Danubians [] and the vegetarian Slavs.
    • 1918, George Rapall Noyes, Tolstoy[2], translation of original by Leo Tolstoy, letter to Fet, page 141:
      I am reading Herodotus, who describes in detail and with great fidelity these same galactophagous Scythians among whom I am living.
    • 1997 April 23, January 12, “Craig Helfgott”, in Re: Ok, time to stand up, Usenet[3]:
      Of course, we may not have the same taste in teas, as I am one of the few (the proud, the galactophagous) that adds milk to tea.