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From gangster +‎ -ly.


gangsterly (comparative more gangsterly, superlative most gangsterly)

  1. Of, relating to, or resembling a gangster
    • 2011, Barbara Nadel, Deep Waters:
      And in truth it had been Mary's money that had kept them all for so long – the house in Holland Park, her father's gangsterly lifestyle . . . Not that she could tell Julia any of this.
    • 2014, Steven Sanders, ‎Aeon J. Skoble, ‎R. Barton Palmer, The Philosophy of Michael Mann:
      Further, in the genre convention, in order that we may unmistakably witness his miscreance and therefore finally assent to his punishment or death, all his gangsterly activity is depicted in crisp, clear focus with good lighting (no matter that he is acting in the shadows of the underworld), clearly recorded sound, and a respectfully distant (and revealing) point of view.
    • 2014, Aaron Elkins, Dead Men's Hearts:
      Jalal remained above it all with an apathetic, slack-lipped smile. After a while he looked at his watch— fake gold band, fake Rolex face—got up, and sauntered out, but not before a gangsterly, showy shrug of his left shoulder and another pat of his breast pocket to adjust what Gideon hoped was a fake gun in a fake holster.
    • 2015, Richard Bellamy, Modern Italian Social Theory:
      The independent men of the Right no longer had the stomach for politics, for 'one can no longer use only honest and legal means, one must act like a gangster (camorrista) if one does not want to be a victim of a gangsterly attack (atto di camorra).
    • 2015, Greg Fleet, These Things Happen:
      We had never witnessed any gangsterly behaviour, or even seen any obvious 'wise guys', so we let that slide.