garbage mitt

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A type of mitt once commonly seen worn in cold weather by garbagemen.


garbage mitt (plural garbage mitts)

  1. (Western Canada, especially Manitoba, chiefly plural) A thick hide mitten, with thick pile lining.
    • 1981 [2004], Peter Gzowski, The Game of Our Lives, Surrey, B.C.: Heritage House Publishing, p 77:
      Western kids often wore what they called “garbage mitts”—padded for heavy duty by city workers—instead of hockey gloves; Maritimers used their father’s work gauntlets, with heavy leather up the wrists. But the essential rules were the same everywhere: no goal-sucking, no raising, unless whoever’s younger brother was stuck in goal was also foolish enough to wear shin-pads, no long shots, no throwing your stick to stop a breakaway.
    • 2004 [2007], Cara Hedley, Twenty Miles, Toronto: Coach House Books, p 188:
      She looked like a man, like a miniature version of Buck wearing his old red toque with the ragged pompom, his garbage mitts stained with fish blood, the army green parka.
    • 2005, Jon Paul Fiorentino, “Electrolux” in Asthmatica, Toronto: Insomniac Press, p 29:
      I would get into the most fabulous fistfights — dropping my garbage mitts and hurling my fluxing body onto another adolescent, and we would roll around in the freshly plower street tasting salt and each other’s fists.