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Alternative forms[edit]


garden +‎ -burger, from the brand Gardenburger.


gardenburger (plural gardenburgers)

  1. Vegetarian imitation hamburger or hamburger patty, usually made of grains and vegetables.
    • 2000, Suzanne Finnamore, Otherwise engaged, link
      Beth has the mushroom gardenburger.
    • 2002, Clyde Soles, Climbing: training for peak performance[1], page 219:
      ...barbecued or grilled chicken sans skin; turkey; lean steak (filet mignon or sirloin); roast beef or tri tip; lean hamburger; gardenburger; soups sans cream; whole grain bread sans...
    • 2005, Gabrielle Chavez, The raw food gourmet: going raw for total well-being[2], page 98:
      This recipe is an adaptation of the Boutenkos' raw gardenburger
    • 2011, Rachel Dresbeck, Insiders' Guide to Portland, Oregon[3], page 222:
      The Rose Garden's 32 public restrooms do have piped-in radio for play-by-play updates, and there are 700 television monitors so you can watch the game while waiting in line for your gardenburger and local brew.